Jo Nagasaka (Schemata Architecture Office Ltd.) : HAPPA HOTEL


Jo Nagasaka (Schemata Architecture Office Ltd.)  :  HAPPA HOTEL

8.1 – 8.29. 2009


About Happa Hotel


AOYAMA | MEGURO Gallery is pleased to announce our first show by Jo Nagasaka: Schemata Architecture Office Ltd.

Born in 1971, Jo Nagasaka graduated from Tokyo Art University with Architecture degree. In the same year of 1998 established Schemata Architecture Office Ltd.

In 2007, office moved to the current warehouse. 4m high ceiling with minimum finish of shikkui paint realized new type of studio/office space that is opening to Komazawa Street.

In 2007, Sayama Flat a renovation of apartment won the 2nd prize in Bauhaus award. In this project, no drawings are prepared for the project. Instead design improvisation was tested on site, preserving some existing walls and demolitions the rest.

In the next project, NADiff interior design presented a dub mix concept. Approach was to accept the existing condition by amplifying and reducing the existing element, dub mix design was completed.

In this exhibition, Nagasaka will present a dub mix hotel with new hospitality at the Happa; existing multi-office and gallery space.

Yes, this is a hotel with shops, a bookstore and a café. And visitor will be able to stay and be a part of exhibition.

The hotel design; design collaboration between multidisciplinary group of design team includes LED light by Izumi Okayasu, fabric design by Mihoko Mori and paint finish by Shuhei Nakamura.

The Happa hotel will be dubbed the space used as gallery, office and atelier.
Please enjoy the stay at the Happa Hotel as well as the exhibition.


Hideki Aoyama, AOYAMA | MEGURO gallery



Happa Hotel
Open: 2009.8.1 – 8.29 (9-16 closed)

By Aoyama/Meguro Gallery

Architect: Jo Nagasaka/Schema Architecture

Designer: Shuhei Nakamura (paint finish)/ Izumi Okayasu (Lighting Design)/ Mihoko Mori (fabric design)

Tenants: to be confirmed

In the exhibition happa will host the hotel space

Single room inbetween shutter and glass façade

Double room at high ceiling in the back of the gallery.

Aoyama of gallery AOYAMA | MEGURO

** For further inquiries regarding hotel reservation and others, please feel free to contact to the gallery.