The Constitution of Japan





The Constitution of Japan

22 Apr – 11 Jun, 2023



Admission: Free


Constitution and Art.
The two will be exhibited side by side.

This time, we will hold a series of exhibitions commemorating the publication of the Constitution of Japan.


The book “The Constitution of Japan” (edited by Gento Matsumoto, TAC Publishing, 2019) won the international design award “Tokyo TDC Award 2021 Grand Prix” (the highest award of 3750 points in Japan and overseas) in 2021.

This book introduces all 103 articles of the Constitution along with 69 masterpieces of post-war art, and has become a long-selling book that allows you to read about the Constitution of Japan, along with other representative works of post-war Japan, such as art, manga, photography, and movies.


In this exhibition, “The Constitution of Japan”, inspired by this book, 28 new works from various fields will be selected and combined with the articles to form a three-dimensional space.


What does the Constitution promise us?


It is an attempt to hope for a new contemplation of the time and place in which we are, through “Articles x Works.”
In order to make this exhibition an annual event on The Constitution Day, the first edition will be held at three venues: MUJIN-TO Production, AOYAMA | MEGURO, and JUNKUDO Bookstore Ikebukuro.


Part 1
Venue: MUJIN-TO Production
Sat. April 22
Sat. May 13 Hours: Wed. Fri, 13:00-19:00, Sat.&Sun. 12:00-18:00 Closed: Mon. Tue. & National holidays *Open on May 3 (Wed, The Constitution day)

Article 1. Nobuaki ONISHI, Article 9. Yui KUGIMIYA, Article 15. Yukari MOTOYAMA, Article 17. Toshiyuki KIMURA, Article 19. Shiori HIGASHIYAMA, Article 22. Akira IKEZOE, Article 24. Eiki MORI, Article 28 AKUMANOSHIRUSHI, Article 29. Hiroaki MORITA, Article 31. Nao OSADA, Article 36. Fujio AKATSUKA, Article 66. Akiko and Masako TAKADA, Article 84. Masanao HIRAYAMA, Article 93. Kenzo TARUISHI


Part 2

Sat. May 20 Sun. Jun 11 Hours: Wed. Fri, 12:00-19:00, Sat., Sun. & National holidays 12:00-18:00 Closed: Mon. & Tue.

Article 9. Daisuke IDA , Article 11. Ryohei USUI, Article 14. Kounosuke Kawakami – SOUL BEAT ASIA, Article 18. Asami SHOJI, Article 20. ENKU, Article 23. Ryosuke OGINO, Article 24. Eiki MORI, Article 25.Takehiro TERABAYASHI, Article 27. Yusuke KIHARA, Article 30. Maa SEKIGUCHI, Article 73. Yoshinori NIWA, Article 97. Osamu James NAKAGAWA, Article 98. Hitoshi NAKAZATO

Part 3
Venue: JUNKUDO bookstore Ikebukuro 5F
Tel: 03-5956-6111
Fri. April 28
Wed. May 31 Hours: 10:00-22:00

Article 9. Tsuyoshi OZAWA


*This exhibition will also feature a memorial display for the late Shuji Shimamoto, editor of the book “Nihonkoku Kenpo” (The Constitution of Japan) (TAC Publishing Co., Ltd.). Mr. Shuji Shimamoto was the editor in charge of the best-selling book “Nihonkoku Kenpo” (The Constitution of Japan) (Shogakukan Inc.), which sold over 1 million copies when it was first released in 1982.

Planned and organized by: The Constitution of Japan Exhibition Committee Co-organized by: MUJIN-TO Production

Cooperation: JUNKUDO Bookstore Ikebukuro

Exhibition Director: Hideki Aoyama (AOYAMA|MEGURO)

Special Thanks:

CAVE-AYUMI GALLERY, CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO, Fujio Productions, GALLERY KOCHUTEN, Goya Curtain, KEN NAKAHASHI, LOOP HOLE, MA2 Gallery, Maki Fine Arts, MEM Minatomachi Art Table, Nagoya [MAT, Nagoya], MISA SHIN GALLERY, PGI POETIC SCAPE, S.O.C. Satoko Oe Contemporary, Studio 35 Minutes, Token Art Center, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Yoshimi Arts, Yutaka Kikutake Gallery (Alphabetical order)

Yu Araki, Takuma Ishikawa, Takayuki Kaetsu, Kao Kanamori, Konosuke Kawakami, Kosaku Shimamoto, Sohei Shimamoto, Ryota Shimamoto, Takuya Nakao, Yasuwo Miyamura, Nahoko Yamaguchi