Teppei Soutome : Neither a symbol, nor a stone.


Teppei Soutome : Neither a symbol, nor a stone. 

Jul.19 – Aug.23.2014 will be closed on Aug. 10 to Aug. 16 for summer break.

※ open : 11: 00 – 19: 00   Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

Installation view  


You just started renting an apartment with a huge glass window facing a street. How would you like to play with it? 
You may hang a curtain or a blind, or perhaps apply a translucent film to the glass plane. What about the curtain color? Do you fancy stripes or polka dots?
You may just leave it intact. There’s also an option to take a marker and make a drawing on the glass.
Your window is embedded somewhat deep in the wall, allowing you to set some glasses, vases, framed photos, or accumulated books on the windowsill.
As the interior can be seen from outside, why not search for a nice sofa and a table lamp?
Now, some of those who pass by in the morning and evening seem to enjoy your window arrangement that changes as time goes by.
The other day, they saw a painting inside your room, leaning against the wall. Today, it’s put outside.


AOYAMA | MEGURO is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition with artist Teppei Soutome (b. 1980), which revolves around the above-described subject.

Coinciding with this exhibition is “The Way of Painting,” a group show held at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, running from July 12 through September 21, to which the artist contributes various, mainly new, paintings. Your attention to both exhibitions is appreciated.

Mr. Ishikawa wrote according to exhibition.  

Expression in True Colors, Modernism in a Flexible Manner Takuma Ishikawa