Hiroaki Morita : Mono No Aware: Beauty of Things ( The State Hermitge Museum,ST. Petersburg)


“Mono No Aware: Beauty of Things”

16 November 2013 – 9 February 2014 The State Hermitge Museum_The General Staff Building


The State Hermitage Museum and Hermitage 20/21 project introduce to the public the exhibition “Mono-no Aware. Beauty of Things. Japanese Contemporary Art”. The term “mono-no aware” traces its origin to the Heian period (794–1185) aesthetics and means a sad awareness of transience of things. Modern artists do not directly

illustrate the term in their works but rather create a sense of gentle sadness partly in tune with the old poetic attitude that gave birth to it. On view are installations, sculpture, photographs and video art produced lately by Japanese artists Suda Yoshihiro, Kengo Kito, Kanenji Teppei, Kuwakubo Ryota, Onishi Yasuaki, Hiroaki Morita, Shinishiro Kano and Motoi Yamamoto. The State Hermitage Museum: General Staff building 38 Palace Embankment, Saint Petersburg, 191186

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