Tatsumi ORIMOTO : ANIMAL ART 1979 – 2014


Tatsumi ORIMOTO : ANIMAL ART 1979 – 2014

9.12 – 9.20. 2015


Date: September.12(sat) – 20(sun), 2015
Open from 12 – 19 pm *Open everyday

Opening performance: (Wheelchair) Stress: September.12(sat), 18 pm –
Opening Reception: 19 – 21 pm

installation view

We are pleased to announce our second solo exhibition with artist Tatsumi Orimoto (b. 1946 in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, where he still lives) from September 12 to 20, 2015 (open everyday during the duration), following “Carrying a baby pig on my back”, our first exhibition with him held in the last year.

Orimoto is best known with his representative series such as “Bread Man” and “Art Mama”, but he has also created many other noteworthy performances, drawings, and sculptures. One of them is a series of ongoing events that involve various animals, which he initiated in 1979. Documenting such animal-related projects, a catalogue and films have been recently completed, and we are holding this exhibition to premiere them.


Tatsumi ORIMOTO   ANIMAL ART 1979 – 2014

Edition Box

– Movie(DVD and HD-DATA)
– Pictorial record of works(68P. text: Mihoko NISHIKAWA)
– Photo (Framed, signed, 10 kinds of photo, Each limited 10 parts)
– Tung boxed
– Limited to 100 parts
EUR 700 (without tax, shipping costs extra)