Installation view, Onsen Confidential








YA-1.Yutaro Aoki, SPOT, 2021
cedar杉, 9×185×383cm


YA-3.Yutaro Aoki, For 1, 2021
stainless steel, 7.7×21.7×3cm


YA-4.Yutaro Aoki, Costumbre, 2021
acrylic on cedar, 107×79×3cm







YA-6.Yutaro Aoki,  Equis, 2021
acrylic on white pine, 9×185×383cm






SA-1. Sydney Acosta, $50000, 2021
oil on linen, 40.6×50.8cm





SA-3. Sydney Acosta, Burnt Image, 2022,
oil on linen charcoal on newsprint, 40.6×50.8cm





SA-2. Sydney Acosta, $50000(white brown and green), 2021
oil on linen, 40.6×50.8cm



YA-3.Yutaro Aoki , Oasis≠T, 2021
champhorwoood 楠, 9×185×383cm













YA-6.Yutaro Aoki, Oasis=H, 2021
metasequoia, 94.5×380×75cm



YA-9.Yutaro Aoki, Untitled, 2021
acrylic on ceder, 83×19×12cm









SA-4. Sydney Acosta,$5000(green and silver), 2021
oil on linen, 40.6×50.8cm



SA-5 to8. Sydney Acosta, Whittier Narrows February, 2022,
charcoal on newsprint, 60.9×91cm






Photo: Koichi Nishiyama




Onsen Confidential


10 Sep – 2 Oct, 2022





artist:Sydney Acosta , Ian Rosen

host : Aoyama Meguro 、 Yutaro Aoki (From CDMX,Tokyo)


guest : Kristina Kite Gallery  (Los Angeles, US)


support : Cafe Sunday、ユトレヒト、uruotte、加賀美健


cooperate: Hikotaro Kanehira




What is Onsen Confidential?

Onsen Confidential is a hybrid city-wide gallery share and natural hot spring retreat/conference. The project is meant to bring together like-minded gallerists in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation and to provide a friendly introduction to the unique context of the contemporary art world of Tokyo.

Initiated by Misako & Jeffrey Rosen of Misako & Rosen, Tokyo and COBRA of XYZ Collective, Tokyo

Participating Galleries:

Host Gallery: Satoko Oe Contemporary (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)
Guest Gallery: Good Weather, (North Little Rock, Chicago USA) and A Thousand Plateaus Art Space (Chengdu, China)

Host Gallery: Hagiwara Projects (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)
Guest Gallery: Crèvecœur (Paris, France)

Host Gallery: MUJIN-TO Production (Kinshicho)
Guest Gallery: Galerie Gregor Staiger (Zurich, Switzerland, Milan, Italy) and Jan Kaps (Cologne, Germany)

Host Gallery: MISAKO & ROSEN (Otsuka, Brussels, Belgium)
Guest Gallery: LambdaLambdaLambda (Prishtina, Kosovo,Brussels, Belgium) and 47 Canal (New York, USA)

Host Gallery: Fig. (Otsuka)
Guest Gallery: Galerie Max Mayer (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Host Gallery: KAYOKOYUKI (Komagome)
Guest Gallery: Johnathan Hopson Gallery (Houston, USA) and Galeria Wschód (Warsaw, Poland)

Host Gallery: Tomio Koyama Gallery (Tennoz)
Guest Gallery: Chris Sharp (Los Angeles, USA)

Host Gallery: ANOMALY (Tennoz)
Guest Gallery: The Green Gallery (Milwaukee, USA)

Host Gallery: XYZ collective (Sugamo) 4649 (Sugamo)
Guest Gallery: KIM? (Riga, Latvia)

Host Gallery: Take Ninagawa (Higashi Azabu)
Guest Gallery: Air de Paris (Paris, France)

Host Gallery: Aoyama l Meguro (Meguro)
Guest Gallery: Kristina Kite (Los Angeles, US)





I Fucking Love Tacos!



 Photo: Reina Mikame、Koichi Nishiyama



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