Sans Filet



Sans Filet



17 Oct – 15 Nov 2020


Partcipating artists:
Ana Navas
Quite, Republic of Ecuador, 1984.
Based in the Netherlands.

Karla Kaplun
Born in 1984, Mexican.

Javier Barrios
Guadalajara, México, 1989.
He lives and works in Mexico City.

Fernando Palma
San Pedro Atocpan, Mexico, 1957.
He lives and works in the agricultural region of Milpa Alta outside Mexico City.

Hideyo Ohtsuki
Sendai, Miyagi, 1975. Based in Tokyo.

Guest curator: Pablo Cendejas

Text: Hellène Aligant, Miri Hamada

date: 17 Oct – 15 Nov 2020

opening hours:
Thu. and Fri. 12:00-19:00
Sat. and Sun. 12:00-18:00

*Admission Monday – Wednesday possible through reservation

venue: Aoyama Meguro
2-30-6 Kamimeguro Meguroku Tokyo Japan 153-0051 

Special thanks to: House of Gaga, Sperling Gallery and Kodama Gallery.


Aoyama Meguro is pleased to announce “Sans Filet” , will be held from Saturday Oct 17 to Saturday November 15, 2020.

Measures will be adopted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In french, Sans Filet describes a risky situation, an act performed without any safety net.

Working Sans Filet in the arts is an everyday routine, almost business as usual. How do artists manage to thrive under precarity and normalization of visibility as payment?

The title refers to an act of faith, whether it’s leaving the artwork’s destiny at the hands of a superior will, or working a craft so sharply that the safety is incorporated into the artist’s abilities. The spirituality of hazard and mystical occurrences guiding the eye that sees, the hand that collects, arrange, reproduce, create; the mystifying effect acquired through long hours perfectionning a seemingly pointless task, offering a glimpse of eternity.


The artworks displayed in Sans Filet revolve around this peculiar type of spirituality.

Objects gathered through walks, wanderings, trips; talismans holding the testimonies of their own history, powerful narrative-makers congregated together to form new speculations around our past. Attention put to the most meticulous details, the time given to practice; all are ways to reach transcendence through materials. From monotony, we acquire a wider sense of time, a renovated space which expands upon the idea of the self and the notion of now. These practices allow for the possibility of a malleable past; defined by our current actions and creations.


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Guest curator:
Juan Pablo Cendejas Fernández de Ortega (b. 1990 in Mexico City. )
Mexican artist and curator. He studied Communication Studies at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and Visual Arts, specializing in curation at the National Beauty Arts Institute, nicknamed “La Esmeralda”. He works closely with artists and other art professionals to further a curatorial style that brings new artistic ideas close to the general public.