Lotte Lyon : Drift


title:untitled (exhibition plan) year:2012


Lotte Lyon : Drift

 11.24 – 12.22.2014


AOYAMA | MEGURO is pleased to announce our fourth solo exhibition with Vienna-based artist Lotte Lyon, who is in residence at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public College, until December. This show, the gallery’s last project this year, will be held in conjunction with another exhibition by the artist at NADiff Window Gallery (which starts on the 27th), featuring Lyon’s latest publication that is a six-fold poster-shaped monograph documenting all her artistic activities in Tokyo since 2006, as well as a series of twofold book-shaped sculptures that function as “limited edition” covers for the poster. All her works exhibited in Tokyo to date have revolved around sculptural works using plywood panels and paints available at home centers. For the present exhibition, focusing on the fact that the gallery’s walls themselves are in fact composed of plywood panels of standard sizes, the artist will create murals directly on them. She will create grid patterns on two of the walls whose sizes, materials, and ratios are different. The patterns will also extend into another wall in the room behind. The exhibition’s title „Drift“ derives from the shifting and wandering of the intersected

patterns. The artist sees this work as a “drawing” rather than “painting,” where importance is put to lines and planes. At the same time, it can be also said that the whole space is a sculpture into which the viewer will be walking once opening the gallery’s door. Reinforcing this concept, three series of photographic works will be shown along, and the grid patterns on the walls are also printed on one side of the poster to be shown at NADiff. As the poster is folded and three-dimensional, or unfolded and flat, the patterns change accordingly. Both of the exhibitions (Ebisu / Nakameguro) aim at transforming the way to view sculptures, from a conventional visual act to an overall experience of stepping into and wandering through space, holding the work, imagining other possibilities, reading the text, and coming and going between different places. Please visit both of the exhibitions to see the artist’s recent development.