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Frieze London | Frame: Aoyama Meguro – Koki Tanaka
AOYAMA|MEGURO is pleased to announce its first year of participation in Frieze | Frame. The gallery will be presenting new Project works by Koki Tanaka. – Koki Tanaka is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. In his early works he visualised an array of hidden qualities lurking behind everyday items and gestures. More recent work involves setting up specific circumstances and documenting how the people involved unconsciously behave, how they consult with one another or how conflicts occur. For Tanaka this work approximates the difficulties of understanding others and doing things together. In 2013, he represented Japan at the 55th Venice Biennale, which had been awarded with a “Special Mention” by the Jury.- artist’s notes on the project: “Precarious tasks,” which I have been organizing collective actions in and out of Japan since last year, refer to the situation of post-quake society in Japan 2011 as a departure point for understanding how we could share experience of such devastating events. In this edition I organize gathering in Tokyo to share Yellow tag, which is symbolic color of anti-nuke protest, with participants to keep aware about protesting in our everyday. Also refer to historical instruction piece about consciousness and body movement “remarks”(1974) by Jiro takamatsu to update Japan’s 60′ political moment to now.
Artist talk by Koki Tanaka in LondonHe will do a presentation about the Japan Pavilion’s project and others at the Japan Foundation, London during the Frieze Art Fair period. Please join this opportunity to know more about his practice. talk title: Ambiguous Thought Date: start from 6:30pm, 18 October, 2013 Venue: The Japan Foundation, London For RSVP, please visit the website:

DSC_5564 Precarious Tasks #7: Try to keep conscious about a specific social issue, in this case “anti-nuke,” as long as possible while you are wearing yellow color. (2013) material: 6 photographs (730X1100mm each), silkscreened text on cloths , wall text